Best Medium Wine Coolers

If you have over 40 wine bottles already, it's time for you to take wine aging seriously. In this collection, you can get top-of-the-line medium-sized wine coolers with exceptional features. Plus, most of them are ready for under counter installation -- perfect for your kitchen, bar, or game room.

What Are Medium Wine Coolers?

Most manufacturers classify their wine coolers as "medium" when they're able to store more than 30 bottles but not over 70. Medium wine coolers are best for oenophiles who like to age their wine for two to three years with constant cycling. 

Wine fridges under this classification have several features that allow you to age both red and white wine simultaneously (dual or multi-zone). They're also mostly designed for under counter installation. 

Is This Type of Wine Cooler for You?

Buying a wine cooler is an investment as they are significantly pricey than your typical refrigerator. To be sure about your purchase decision, please read our quick guide below:

Intermediate Oenophile

If you have been collecting wine for over three years and have aged several bottles already, investing in a medium wine cooler might be just for you. Medium wine refrigerators are perfect for storing up to 60 bottles with the intent to age them properly and increase their value. 

Medium wine coolers have better temperature control and several security features. They're also more stable and durable compared to small wine coolers. Their size and design are still ideal for homes rather than for commercial use. 

Enhancing Home Aesthetics

Medium wine coolers are eye-catchers, and they add more to your interior. They're the perfect appliance that will make your home stand out. You can place them in your living room, game room, kitchen, bar, and even your patio.

If you plan on increasing your home's resale value, you will never go wrong with installing a built-in medium wine cooler in your kitchen. 

Starting a Small Restaurant or Cafe

Some of our medium wine coolers are good enough for small restaurants. If you plan on opening one, you can't go wrong with a 50-bottle capacity wine refrigerator. 

It should be more than enough to store your weekly supply of wine - either for serving or as an ingredient. This type of wine cooler will save space and will add aesthetics to your kitchen that your customers will love. 

If you feel that Medium wine coolers aren't for you, please check our large-wine coolers

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