5 Best Small Wine Coolers of 2020

When it comes to appliances, you can't deny that having a wine refrigerator is indeed a luxury. It can instantly increase the value of your home and impress any guest. 

Of course, it's not for everyone, but if you're an oenophile, a sommelier, or a winemaker, having a wine refrigerator is a must-have.  

Not only will you free up more space in your regular fridge, but you'll have a proper place for aging your wine to perfection.

In this review article, we're going to have five of the best small wine coolers of 2020! This list may be short, but we've selected the best ones out there. Moreover, each product is a winner for a specific category, so we're sure you will find one that captures your heart. 

NewAir 27-Bottle Compressor Wine Fridge

Our first small wine cooler on our list is the NewAir 27-Bottle Compressor Wine Fridge. This unit is ideal for novice collectors or just people who want to have a dedicated refrigerator for their wine collection. 

It's a freestanding fridge that has superb temperature stability. It's easy to use, made from quality materials, and does what it's supposed to do -- aging wine.

What makes this piece inviting for new wine connoisseurs is the fact that it has a super affordable price tag. For less than $400, you get to store 27 of your precious wine bottles. 

Granted that it doesn't have all the bells and whistles, it still gets the job done. 

Whynter Elite 18-Bottle Small Wine Cooler

If you're looking for a special place for your most expensive wines, look no further. The Whynter Elite 18-Bottle Small Wine Cooler is perfect for premium wines that are ideal for more than 2-3 years of aging. 

It's slim; it has a stainless-steel frame, premium wood racks with a smooth slide-out mechanism, and a security feature (door lock). What makes it even better is that it's flexible. You can either install it under your countertop or place it as a freestanding unit.

It's less than $600 and can store up to 18 bottles! With the features it has, it's a worth-it investment. This wine cooler is perfect for your kitchen, game room, or master bedroom. 

Whynter 33-Bottle Small Undercounter Wine Cooler

Next on our list is the one we recommend most for those who want to boost their property's value. This wine refrigerator has an elegant stainless-steel glass door frame that will boost any home’s aesthetics. 

The Whynter 33-Bottle Small Undercounter Wine Cooler will seamlessly fit under your kitchen or game room countertop. 

With its durable compressor, we’re sure that your bottles are in good hands for years to come. It has a stable temperature and a versatile range; you can chill and age both white and red wine with ease. Its controls are on the exterior, making it easy to change its temperature from aging to cooling in just a tap of a button. 

Summit Commercial 6-bottle Countertop Wine Cooler

Fourth on our list is not for everyone. If you own a restaurant or a cafe and want to showcase your premium wines without ever affecting its quality, this Summit Commercial 6-bottle Countertop Wine Cooler is for you.

It has quite a hefty price tag ($897.99) for its 6-bottle capacity. However, what you get in return a significant boost in your establishment's atmosphere. It brings in class and style all at once. 

It has a full stainless-steel body with a 5-year warranty on its compressor. Its temperature is accurate and has soft blue LED lighting. 

Of course, if you just want to impress your guest, you can buy this for your home too! 

Summit Commercial 20-Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is the Summit Commercial 20-Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler. This refrigerator is for those who need to display their best wines. 

It's ideal for big restaurants that need to market their ultimate collection. With its front-breathing design, you can place it under any countertop in your restaurant. If you plan on using it as is, it still blends perfectly with any theme due to its stainless-steel body. It has a security lock and has a pro-style handle.

You can easily present 20 bottles at a time; you may even consider this wine cooler as the best in its class. It's durable, sophisticated, and will significantly improve the ambiance of your restaurant. Click the header for more info about this product. 

Can’t find the wine cooler you like on this list? Try checking our small wine coolers collection.

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